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One year ago, I walked into Vip Bridal Shop and I loved my experience, because, I knew what I wanted and she gave me 3 choices and I picked the first choice and went with it. Nila could totally read me and immediately went into accessories and shoes, etc. She made sure I didnt miss a thing. It was all right in my price range. You tell her what you want and she will figure it out for you. My flowers: all I can say is Nila totally "wowed" me. She told me to "trust her", so I did. My husband picked them up for me, so when i went to open them, I was "wowed". I'm alot about the "wow" factor. She knew what I wanted. This past weekend, my husband was conducting the Great River Strings Orchestra and left his shirt at the cleaners and when we went to get it, it was closed. So we ran to Brainerd. The theme to the concert was "A hunting we will go". In the window of VIP bridal was a shirt/vest/tie in hunter orange/camoflage. We asked if she would rent it for the weekend. She said absolutely! She threw in an orange cane to go with it. My husband was a "hit" at the concert. She made him look sooo good! Thanks, Nila! Saved the day.

I was there yesterday and the second I walked in they started helping right away. Then after I tried on a few dresses they gave me some books to look at and when i found one i really liked they had me try one on like it and it was the perfect dress!!! They are great.

I went in to look at wedding dresses for my friends bride to be. The owner Nila was extremely helpfull and and made me feel welcome and wanting to go back. I also had a cup of her west african peanut chicken soup and it was off the charts. Thanks Nila, MR. Johnny